Selling your home in today’s world is like no other time. You may show and sell your home virtually. You may be questioning if you should sell your home yourself or with a Realtor. SHS is here to answer your questions and be your independent support. Let us walk you through your options. You can choose a FREE 15-minute consultation or a one-hour consultation, normally $150.00, now on sale for $99.00 through December 31st, 2020.

Did You Know?

Liz Saunders, owner, and founder of SHS has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers buy, sell, renovate, and decorate. In fact, according to the MLS, the last 600+ homes that she sold for sellers averaged a sale price of 99.38% from the original asking price to selling price. She believes that her marketing and her staging caused these successful outcomes. Talk to Liz. She has the experience and the desire to help you.
You can book a one-hour session for $150.00 now on sale for $99.00 through December 31st, 2020, or a complimentary 15-minute consultation! 

No need to feel overwhelmed selling your home, with SHS you are never alone!

Thinking of selling? Have concerns?
Should I list or sell it myself?
If I list, how do I chose the right realtor?
How should I prepare my property and home for sale?
Should I hire a stager? How do I get rid of all my things?
How can I price it for the best price?
When is the best time for me to sell?
How can I "right-size" for right now? Are showings safe?
Am I a good negotiator?
What is the process once a buyer is interested?

Saunders Home Services will provide you with a FREE 15-minute consultation to get you started in the right direction. There is no reason to go it alone. Our Realtor Home Consultants can give you impartial assistance and put your mind at ease, so book now.


Selling a home is one of the largest emotional and financial decisions a person can make. During this time you may want to rely on your friends and family for advice, but in doing so it is important to keep in mind that people being human may provide their own agenda while giving their advice. Rather, you could rely on a Professional Independent Consultant to save you from common home selling mistakes. Don’t take the chance of losing thousands of dollars as well and years of frustration. Moving is an already stressful process and there are many ways to prevent additional and unnecessary stress.